Submitting your Application

Airborne maintains a database of qualified applicants for various positions. Therefore, we always welcome applications from interested applicants.

Please go to the Apply section of our website to submit or update your application and to upload your resume and documents to our database.

Prescreening Interviews and Tests

When your qualifications match the requirements of an open vacancy, a member of the Airborne staff will schedule a pre-screening interview with you. If you are located outside Mumbai , Chennai or Goa, the initial interview will generally be conducted via Skype video call or by one of our recruiters during a scheduled visit to your city.

In our interviews, we aim to understand your experience, qualifications, and motivations to assess whether or not you are a good fit for the job. We will also ask you to complete basic tests covering English/Math skills and, for some positions, a subject test to assess you professional knowledge. Based on the results of the interview and tests, we will decide whether or not to short-list you for final interviews. If you require improvement in some area, we will advise you.

Final Interviews

Most of our clients will send a representative to India for final interviews and tests. We will inform you well in advance of the interview schedule. Some clients prefer to complete their final interviews on the phone or via video conference (Skype).

Assistance with Visas, Medical Exams, & other Pre-Embarkation Procedures

Airborne is a government recognized recruiting agency, and we are registered with the US Consulate. Because we are familiar with the procedures of the relevant Indian agencies and foreign consulates, we are able to advise and assist you with your visa applications. We will also guide you on how to complete your Police Clearance, Medical Exam, STCW Training, etc. In addition to our head office in Mumbai , we now have branch offices in Chennai, and Goa, and an associate office in Hyderabad, to provide convenient access for applicants and crew.

Travel Arrangements

When it is time for you to join your ship or other posting, Airborne coordinates with the Scheduling Departments of your employer and the Port Agents. We can also book your airline ticket at a competitive price - (some employers provide the air ticket). Providing travel services enables us to ensure that you arrive at your job on time.

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