A ship is like a huge floating hotel that entertains between five hundred and three thousand passengers per day and is home to three hundred to fifteen hundred crewmembers.

Working on a cruise ship appeals to many people for various reasons: excellent earnings potential, a chance to see the world, and career advancement. Some plan to spend a year or two at sea and then settle down to a normal job on land. But many people feel more at home at sea - where every day presents new challenges and everyone on the ship plays an important role in keeping everything running smoothly!

Cruise line contracts are usually six to nine months long, with a vacation between contracts. Crewmembers typically share a small but functional two-berth cabin with another member of their team. You would have access to the crew cafeteria, bar, gymnasium, etc., but deck privileges (access to passenger areas) vary depending on your job position and the ship.

Food and accommodation are free for crewmembers while on board, and earnings are tax-free. There is a doctor on board for minor ailments, and whilst on the ship you are covered by the ship's insurance.
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